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Theology Series (2022)
2 - Bibliology5/15/20222 - BibliologyMykel Pamperin
1 - Introduction to Theology5/8/20221 - Introduction to Theology

Dustin Mondrach

Mykel Pamperin

Acts 28:16-31
5/1/2022Acts 28:16-31Mykel Pamperin
Acts 28:1-154/24/2022Acts 28:1-15Mykel Pamperin
Acts 27:1-444/3/2022Acts 27:1-44Mykel Pamperin
Acts 25:23-323/27/2022Acts 25:23-32Mykel Pamperin
Acts 25:1-223/20/2022Acts 25:1-22Mykel Pamperin
Acts 24:1-273/13/2022Acts 24:1-27Mykel Pamperin
Acts 23:12-353/6/2022Acts 23:12-35Mykel Pamperin
Acts 22:30-23:112/27/2022Acts 22:30-23:11Mykel Pamperin
Acts 22:22-292/20/2022Acts 22:22-29Mykel Pamperin
Acts 22:1-212/13/2022Acts 22:1-21Mykel Pamperin
Acts 21:27-402/6/2022Acts 21:27-40Mykel Pamperin
Acts 21:15-261/30/2022Acts 21:15-26Dustin Mondrach
Acts 21:1-141/16/2022Acts 21:1-14Mykel Pamperin
Acts 20:13-381/9/2022Acts 20:13-38Dustin Mondrach
Acts 20:1-121/2/2022Acts 20:1-12Dustin Mondrach
Acts 19:21-4111/28/2021Acts 19:21-41Mykel Pamperin
Acts 19:11-2011/21/2021Acts 19:11-20Mykel Pamperin
Acts 19:1-1011/7/2021Acts 19:1-10Mykel Pamperin
Acts 18:18-2811/14/2021Acts 18:18-28Mykel Pamperin
Acts 18:1-1810/31/2021Acts 18:1-18Mykel Pamperin
Acts 17:16-3410/24/2021Acts 17:16-34Mykel Pamperin
Acts 17:1-1510/17/2021Acts 17:1-15Mykel Pamperin
Acts 16:19-4010/11/2021Acts 16:19-40Mykel Pamperin
Acts 16:11-1810/3/2021Acts 16:11-18Mykel Pamperin
Acts 16:1-109/26/2021Acts 16:1-10Dustin Mondrach
Acts 15:36-419/19/2021Acts 15:36-41Mykel Pamperin
Acts 15:1-359/12/2021Acts 15:1-35Dustin Mondrach
Acts 14:8-289/5/2021Acts 14:8-28Mykel Pamperin
Acts 13:44-14-78/29/2021Acts 13:44-14-7Mykel Pamperin
Acts 13:13-438/23/2021Acts 13:13-43Mykel Pamperin
Acts 13:1-128/17/2021Acts 13:1-12Mykel Pamperin
Acts 12:1-258/8/2021Acts 12:1-25Mykel Pamperin
Acts 11:19-308/1/2021Acts 11:19-30Mykel Pamperin
Acts 11:1-187/25/2021Acts 11:1-18Dustin Mondrach
Acts 10:23b-487/11/2021Acts 10:23b-48Mykel Pamperin
Acts 10:1-23a7/4/2021Acts 10:1-23aMykel Pamperin
Acts 9:32-436/27/2021Acts 9:32-43Mykel Pamperin
Acts 9:19a-316/20/2021Acts 9:19a-31Mykel Pamperin
Acts 9:1-19a6/13/2021Acts 9:1-19aMykel Pamperin
Acts 8:25-406/6/2021Acts 8:25-40Mykel Pamperin
Acts 8:9-245/30/2021Acts 8:9-24Mykel Pamperin
Acts 8:1-85/23/2021Acts 8:1-8Dustin Mondrach
Acts 7:54-605/16/2021Acts 7:54-60Mykel Pamperin
Acts 7:1-535/2/2021Acts 7:1-53Mykel Pamperin
Acts 6:1-154/25/2021Acts 6:1-15Mykel Pamperin
Acts 6:1-74/18/2021Acts 6:1-7Dustin Mondrach
Acts 5:12-424/11/2021Acts 5:12-42Mykel Pamperin
Acts 4:32-5:11 (no audio)3/29/2021Acts 4:32-5:11Mykel Pamperin
Acts 4:5-313/21/2021Acts 4:5-31Dustin Mondrach
Acts 3:1-4:43/14/2021Acts 3:1-4:4Mykel Pamperin
Acts 2:42-473/7/2021Acts 2:42-47Mykel Pamperin
Acts 2:1-412/28/2021Acts 2:1-41Dustin Mondrach
Acts 1:12-262/21/2021Acts 1:12-26Mykel Pamperin
Acts 1:1-112/14/2021Acts 1:1-11Mykel Pamperin

2 Samuel
2 Samuel 24:1-252/7/20212 Samuel 24:1-25Mykel Pamperin
2 Samuel 23:1-71/24/20212 Samuel 23:1-7Mykel Pamperin
2 Samuel 22:1-511/17/20212 Samuel 22:1-51Mykel Pamperin
2 Samuel 21:15-22 & 23:8-39
1/10/20212 Samuel 21:15-22 & 23:8-39
Mykel Pamperin
2 Samuel 21:1-141/3/20212 Samuel 21:1-14Mykel Pamperin
2 Samuel 19:40-20:2611/29/20202 Samuel 19:40-20:26Mykel Pamperin
2 Samuel 18:1-19:811/22/20202 Samuel 18:1-19:9Mykel Pamperin
2 Samuel 16:15-17:2911/15/20202 Samuel 16:15-17:29Mykel Pamperin
2 Samuel 15:7-16:14 (part 2)11/1/20202 Samuel 15:7-16:14Mykel Pamperin
2 Samuel 15:7-16:15 (part 1; no audio)10/25/20202 Samuel 15:7-16:14Mykel Pamperin
2 Samuel 14:1-15:610/18/20202 Samuel 14:1-15:6Mykel Pamperin
2 Samuel 13:1-39 (no audio)10/11/20202 Samuel 13:1-39Mykel Pamperin
2 Samuel 12:1-3110/4/20202 Samuel 12:1-31Mykel Pamperin
2 Samuel 11:1-273/8/20202 Samuel 11:1-27Mykel Pamperin
2 Samuel 10:1-193/1/20202 Samuel 10:1-19Mykel Pamperin
2 Samuel 9:1-132/24/20202 Samuel 9:1-13Mykel Pamperin
2 Samuel 8:1-182/16/20202 Samuel 8:1-18Mykel Pamperin
2 Samuel 7:18-292/9/20202 Samuel 7:18-29Mykel Pamperin
2 Samuel 7:1-172/2/20202 Samuel 7:1-17Mykel Pamperin
2 Samuel 6:1-231/26/20202 Samuel 6:1-23Mykel Pamperin
2 Samuel 5:1-251/19/20202 Samuel 5:1-25Mykel Pamperin
2 Samuel 2:1-4:121/12/20202 Samuel 2:1-4:12Mykel Pamperin
2 Samuel 1:1-271/5/20202 Samuel 1:1-27Mykel Pamperin

Gospel of Mark
Mark 15:40-16:208/25/2019Mark 15:40-16:20Mykel Pamperin
Mark 15:21-408//11/2019Mark 15:21-40Mykel Pamperin
Mark 15:1-208/4/2019Mark 15:1-20Mykel Pamperin
Mark 14:53-727/28/2019Mark 14:53-72Mykel Pamperin
Mark 14:27-527/7/2019Mark 14:27-52Mykel Pamperin
Mark 14:1-266/30/2019Mark 14:1-26Mykel Pamperin
Mark 13:28-376/23/2019Mark 13:28-37Mykel Pamperin
Mark 13:1-276/16/2019Mark 13:1-27Mykel Pamperin
Mark 12:28-446/9/2019Mark 12:28-44Mykel Pamperin
Mark 11:27-12:276/2/2019Mark 11:27-12:27Mykel Pamperin
Mark 11:1-265/26/2019Mark 11:1-26Mykel Pamperin
Mark 10:1-525/19/2019Mark 10:1-52Mykel Pamperin
Mark 9:30-505/12/2019Mark 9:30-50Mykel Pamperin
Mark 9:14-295/5/2019Mark 9:14-29Mykel Pamperin
Mark 9:1-134/28/2019Mark 9:1-13Mykel Pamperin
Mark 8:27-384/14/2019Mark 8:27-38Mykel Pamperin
Mark 7:24-374/7/2019Mark 7:24-37Mykel Pamperin
Mark 7:1-233/31/2019Mark 7:1-23Mykel Pamperin
Mark 6:33-52 & 8:1-213/24/2019Mark 6:33-52 & 8:1-21
Mykel Pamperin
Mark 6:14-293/17/2019Mark 6:14-29Mykel Pamperin
Mark 6:1-13, 303/10/2019Mark 6:1-13, 30Mykel Pamperin
Mark 4:35-5:43 (part 2)3/4/2019Mark 4:35-5:43 (part 2)Mykel Pamperin
Mark 4:35-5:43 (part 1)2/24/2019Mark 4:35-5:43 (part 1)Mykel Pamperin
Mark 4:1-332/17/2019Mark 4:1-33Mykel Pamperin
Mark 3:7-352/10/2019Mark 3:7-35Mykel Pamperin
Mark 2:1-3:62/3/2019Mark 2:1-3:6Mykel Pamperin
Mark 1:14-451/27/2019Mark 1:14-45Mykel Pamperin
Mar 1:2-131/13/2019Mark 1:2-13Mykel Pamperin
Mark - Introduction1/6/2019Mark - IntroductionMykel Pamperin

2 Corinthians
2 Corinthians 12:14-13:149/22/20192 Corinthians 12:14-13:14Mykel Pamperin
2 Corinthians 11:16-12:139/8/20192 Corinthians 11:16-12:13Mykel Pamperin
2 Corinthians 11:1-159/1/20192 Corinthians 11:1-15Mykel Pamperin
2 Corinthians 10:1-188/25/20192 Corinthians 10:1-18Mykel Pamperin
2 Corinthians 9:6-1512/2/20182 Corinthians 9:6-15
Dustin Mondrach
2 Corinthians 8:16-9:511/25/20182 Corinthians 8:16-9:5
Dustin Mondrach
2 Corinthians 8:1-1511/18/20182 Corinthians 8:1-15Mykel Pamperin
2 Corinthians 7:2-1611/11/20182 Corinthians 7:2-16Mykel Pamperin
2 Corinthians 5:18-7:111/4/20182 Corinthians 5:18-7:1
Mykel Pamperin
2 Corinthians 5:11-5:1710/28/20182 Corinthians 5:11-5:17
Mykel Pamperin
2 Corinthians 4:13-5:1010/21/20182 Corinthians 4:13-5:10
Dustin Mondrach
2 Corinthians 4:1-1210/14/20182 Corinthians 4:1-12Dustin Mondrach
2 Corinthians 3:4-1810/7/20182 Corinthians 3:4-18Dustin Mondrach
2 Corinthians 2:12-3:39/30/20182 Corinthians 2:12-3:3Dustin Mondrach
2 Corinthians 2:5-119/23/20182 Corinthians 2:5-11Mykel Pamperin
2 Corinthians 1:12-2:49/16/20182 Corinthians 1:12-2:4Mykel Pamperin
2 Corinthians 1:3-119/9/20182 Corinthians 1:3-11Mykel Pamperin
2 Corinthians - Introduction9/2/2018

2 Corinthians - Introduction

2 Corinthians - Timeline

Mykel Pamperin

1 Samuel
1 Samuel 28:3-31:138/26/20181 Samuel 28:3-31:13
Mykel Pamperin
1 Samuel 30:1-318/19/20181 Samuel 30:1-31Mykel Pamperin
1 Samuel 27:1-29:118/12/20181 Samuel 27:1-29:11
Mykel Pamperin
1 Samuel 26:1-27:47/15/20181 Samuel 26:1-27:4
Mykel Pamperin
1 Samuel 25:1-447/8/20181 Samuel 25:1-44
Mykel Pamperin
1 Samuel 23:6-24:227/1/20181 Samuel 23:6-24:22Mykel Pamperin
1 Samuel 21:1-22:236/24/20181 Samuel 21:1-22:23
Mykel Pamperin
1 Samuel 20:1-426/17/20181 Samuel 20:1-42Mykel Pamperin
1 Samuel 18:1-19:246/10/20181 Samuel 18:1-19:24Mykel Pamperin
1 Samuel 17:1-586/3/20181 Samuel 17:1-58Mykel Pamperin
1 Samuel 16:1-135/27/20181 Samuel 16:1-13Mykel Pamperin
1 Samuel 13:1-15:355/20/20181 Samuel 13:1-15:35Mykel Pamperin
1 Samuel 9:1-12:255/13/20181 Samuel 9:1-12:25Mykel Pamperin
1 Samuel 8:1-225/6/20181 Samuel 8:1-22Mykel Pamperin
1 Samuel 4:1b-7:174/29/20181 Samuel 4:1b-7:17Mykel Pamperin
1 Samuel 2:11-4:1a4/22/20181 Samuel 2:11-4:1aMykel Pamperin
1 Samuel 2:1-10 (poor audio quality)
4/15/20181 Samuel 2:1-10
Mykel Pamperin
1 Samuel 1:1-284/8/20181 Samuel 1:1-28Mykel Pamperin

Romans (Part 3-Chapters 12-16)
Romans 16:25-273/18/2018Romans 16:25-27Mykel Pamperin
Romans 16:1-163/11/2018Romans 16:1-16Mykel Pamperin
Romans 15:22-333/4/2018Romans 15:22-33Mykel pamperin
Romans 15:14-212/25/2018Romans 15:14-21Mykel Pamperin
Romans 15:1-132/18/2018Romans 15:1-13Mykel Pamperin
Romans 14:13-232/11/2018Romans 14:13-23
Mykel Pamperin
Romans 14:1-122/4/2018Romans 14:1-12
Mykel Pamperin
Romans 13:8-141/28/2018Romans 13:8-14
Mykel Pamperin
Romans 13:1-71/21/2018Romans 13:1-7
Mykel Pamperin
Romans 12:9-211/14/2018Romans 12:9-21Mykel Pamperin
Romans 12:1-81/8//2018Romans 12:1-8Mykel Pamperin

Defending Our Faith
How Do We Identify False Teaching?12/10/2017NotesMykel Pamperin
Marriage, Gender and Sexuality12/3/2017NotesMykel Pamperin
Why Does God Permit Evil and Suffering?11/26/2017NotesMykel Pamperin
How Could a Loving God Send Someone to Hell?11/19/2017NotesMykel Pamperin
Is Jesus God?11/12/2017NotesMykel Pamperin
Do Muslims Worship God?11/5/2017NotesMykel Pamperin
Don't All Religions Lead to God?10/29/2017NotesMykel Pamperin
How Do We Know We Can Trust the Bible - Part 2 The Accuracy of the Bible10/22/2017NotesMykel Pamperin
How Do We Know We Can Trust the Bible - Part 1 The Origin of the Bible10/15/2017NotesMykel Pameprin
Introduction10/8/2017IntroductionMykel Pamperin

1 Thessalonians
1 Thessalonians 5:23-28
1 Thessalonians 5:23-28
Mykel Pamperin
1 Thessalonians 5:12-22
9/24/20171 Thessalonians 5:12-22
Mykel Pamperin
1 Thessalonians 5:1-11
9/17/20171 Thessalonians 5:1-11Mykel Pamperin
1 Thessalonians 4:13-18
9/10/20171 Thessalonians 4:13-18Mykel Pamperin
1 Thessalonians 4:9-12
9/3/20171 Thessalonians 4:9-12Mykel Pamperin
1 Thessalonians 4:1-88/13/20171 Thessalonians 4:1-8Mykel Pamperin
1 Thessalonians 2:17-3:168/6/20171 Thessalonians 2:17-3:16Mykel Pamperin
1 Thessalonians 2:1-167/30/20171 Thessalonians 2:1-16Mykel Pamperin
1 Thessalonians 1:1-107/23/20171 Thessalonians 1:1-10Mykel Pamperin

Romans (Part 2-chapters 9-11)
Romans 11:11-367/16/2017Romans 11:11-36Mykel Pamperin
Romans 11:1-107/9/2017Romans 11:1-10Mykel Pamperin
Romans 9:30-10:217/2/2017Romans 9:30-10:21Mykel Pamperin
Romans 9:6-296/25/2017Romans 9:6-29Mykel Pamperin
Romans 9:1-66/18/2017Romans 9:1-6Mykel Pamperin

Covenants of the Bible
The New Covenant6/11/2017
Steve Schmechel
Davidic Covenant6/4/2017
Steve Schmechel
Mosaic Covenant5/28/2017
Steve Schmechel
Abrahamic Covenant - Part 25/21/2017
Steve Schmechel
Abrahamic Covenant - Part 15/14/2017
Steve Schmechel
Noahic Covenant5/7/2017
Steve Schmechel
Adamic Covenant4/30/2017
Steve Schmechel

Romans (Part 1-chapters 1-9)
Romans 8:18-393/19/2017Romans 8:18-39Mykel Pamperin
Romans 8:1-173/12/2017Romans 8:1-17Mykel Pamperin
Romans 7:1-253/5/2017Romans 7:1-25Dustin Mondrach
Romans 6:1-23 (no audio)2/26/2017
Dustin Mondrach
Romans 5:1-212/19/2017Romans 5:1-21Mykel Pamperin
Romans 3:31-4:252/12/2017Romans 3:31-4:25Mykel Pamperin
Romans 3:21-302/5/2017Romans 3:21-30Mykel Pamperin
Romans 3:1-201/29/2012Romans 3:1-20Dustin Mondrach
Romans 2:1-291/22/2017Romans 2:1-29Mykel Pamperin
Romans 1:18-321/15/2017Romans 1:18-32Mykel pamperin
Romans 1:8-171/8/2017Romans 1:8-17Mykel Pamperin
Romans 1:1-71/1/2017Romans 1:1-7Mykel Pamperin

Ruth 4:1-2211/27/2016Ruth 4:1-22Mykel Pamperin
Ruth 3:1-1811/20/2016Ruth 3:1-18Mykel Pamperin
Ruth 2:1-2311/13/2016Ruth 2:1-23Mykel Pamperin
Ruth 1:1-2111/6/2016Ruth 1:1-21Mykel Pamperin

1st John
1st John 5:1-2110/30/2016
Dustin Mondrach
1st John 4:7-2110/23/2016
Dustin Mondrach
1st John 3:23-4:610/16/20161st John 3:23-4:6Mykel Pamperin
1st John 3:4-1810/9/2016
Dustin Mondrach
1st John 2:28-3:310/2/2016
Dustin Mondrach
1st John 2:12-279/25/2016
Dustin Mondrach
1st John 1:5-2-119/18/20161st John 1:5-2:12Dustin Mondrach
1st John 1:1-49/4/20161st John 1:1-4Dustin Mondrach

Jude - Part 38/11/2016Jude - Part 3Dustin Mondrach
Jude - Part 28/4/2016Jude - Part 2Dustin Mondrach
Jude - Part 17/31/2016Jude - Part 1Dustin Mondrach

Philippians 4:10-238/14/2016Philippians 4:10-23
Mykel Pamperin
Philippians 4:1-97/17/2016Philippians 4:1-9
Mykel Pamperin
Philippians 3:1-217/10/2016Philippians 3:1-21
Mykel Pamperin
Philippians 2:19-307/3/2016Philippians 2:19-30
Mykel Pamperin
Philippians 2:1-186/26/2016Philippians 2:1-18
Mykel Pamperin
Philippians 1:12-306/12/2016Philippians 1:12-30Mykel Pamperin
Philippians 1:1-116/5/2016Philippians 1:1-11Mykel Pamperin

Judges 20:1-21:25 (no audio)5/15/16Judges 20:1-21:25Mykel Pamperin
Judges 19:1-305/1/16Judges 19:1-30Mykel Pamperin
Judges 18:1-314/24/2016Judges 18:1-31Mykel Pamperin
Judges 17:1-134/17/2016Judges 17:1-13Mykel Pamperin
Judges 16:1-314/10/2016Judges 16:1-31Mykel Pamperin
Judges 15:1-204/3/2016Judges 15:1-20Mykel Pamperin
Judges 14:1-203/20/2016Judges 14:1-20Dustin Mondrach
Judges 13:1-25
3/13/2016Judges 13:1-25
Mykel Pamperin
Judges 11:34-12:15 (no audio)
Judges 11:34-12:15Dustin Mondrach
Judges 10:17-11:33 (no audio)
Judges 10:17-11:33Dustin Mondrach
Judges 10:1-16
Judges 10:1-16
Mykel Pamperin
Judges 8:29-9:57
Judges 8:29-9:57
Mykel Pamperin
Judges 8:1-28
Judges 8:1-28
Mykel Pamperin
Judges 7:1-25
Judges 7:1-25
Mykel Pamperin
Judges 6:1-40

Dustin Mondrach
Judges 4:1-5:31
Judges 4:1-5:31
Mykel Pamperin
Judges 3:1-31
Judges 3:1-31
Mykel Pamperin

Judges 1:1-2:23

Judges 1:1-2:23
Mykel Pamperin

John "I am" Series

John 15:5

Dustin Mondrach
John 14:6
John 14:6
Mykel Pamperin
John 11:25
John 11:25
Mykel Pamperin
John 8:12
John 8:12
Mykel Pamperin
John 10:9 & 11

Dustin Mondrach
John 6:35
John 6:35
Mykel Pamperin


Jonah 4:1-10

Steve Schmechel
Jonah 3:1-10

Steve Schmechel
Jonah 2:1-10

Steve Schmechel
Jonah 1:4-17

Steve Schmechel
Jonah 1:1-3

Steve Schmechel


Psalm 13612/8/2019Psalm 136Mykel Pamperin
Psalm 13912/1/2019Psalm 139Mykel Pamperin
Psalm 3311/24/2019Psalm 33Mykel Pamperin
Psalm 1711/17/2019Psalm 17Mykel Pamperin
Psalm 3611/10/2019Psalm 36Mykel Pamperin
Psalm 2711/3/2019Psalm 27Dustin Mondrach
Psalm 1610/20/2019Psalm 16Mykel Pamperin
Psalm 4910/13/2019Psalm 49Mykel Pamperin 
Psalm 1510/6/2019Psalm 15Mykel Pamperin
Psalm 239/29/2019Psalm 23Mykel Pamperin
Psalm 39

Psalm 39
Mykel Pamperin
Psalm 90

Dustin Mondrach
Psalm 19

Psalm 19
Mykel Pamperin
Psalm 36

Dustin Mondrach
Psalm 130

Psalm 130
Mykel Pamperin
Psalm 40

Psalm 40
Mykel Pamperin
Psalm 32

Dustin Mondrach
Psalm 51

Psalm 51
Mykel Pamperin
Psalm 73

Psalm 73
Mykel Pamperin
Psalm 3

Psalm 3
Mykel Pamperin
Psalm 2

Psalm 2
Mykel Pamperin
Psalm 1

Psalm 1
Mykel Pamperin

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